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RevLite - The Ultimate Anti - Aging Tool

  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • Laser therapy for sun spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation
  • Manage unwanted hairs
  • Laser tattoo removal

How does RevLite laser skin rejuvenation work?

The RevLite Rejuvenation procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, usually in less than 30 minutes for most procedures.

The RevLite system is designed to cause controlled damage to the skin, removing signs of aging and sun damage while spurring the development of new collagen, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin in the treatment area.

It features an advanced PTP (PhotoAcoustic technology pulse) setting that safely and gently penetrates the skin to stimulate new collagen. The result is a smoother texture, smaller pores, and a reduction in wrinkles and acne scars.

The unique PTP setting also provides extra power for effective treatment to eliminate brown spots and other pigment problems.

How does a laser remove unwanted pigment in the skin?

RevLite produce a special wavelength of light that is absorbed by pigmented lesions. The light shatters the pigment, breaking the melanin into micro particles and lightening the lesion.

You will notice the spot turning grey or white for a few minutes, a natural response of the skin as it absorbs the energy.

The spot will turn darker and slough off completely within one to two weeks.

What type of pigmented lesions can be removed?

RevLite works well to remove brown age spots, freckles and other brown birthmarks. A consultation is required to identify the type of lesion and to discuss the treatment for your condition.

Can melasma be treated?

Melasma appears as a dark “stain” on the skin and can be triggered by hormonal changes

RevLite with advanced PhotoAcoustic setting can be used to treat deeper pigment problems, including melasma. A combination of laser therapy and skincare prescription products can manage the condition very well.

How many sessions will I require?

Although you will notice results immediately after your first treatment, non- ablative RevLite laser skin rejuvenation is a gradual process.

For regular skin rejuvenation, you will typically need four to six treatments spaced three to five weeks apart. Many patients choose to return for regular treatments to maintain their great results.

For most pigmented lesions, they can be removed within one to two treatments. However some deeper lesions will require more sessions.

How does RevLite laser work on fine hair removal?

RevLite that uses PhotoAcoustic energy have been clinically proven to effectively treat fine hair on the face, called vellus hair.

The very short pulses of light are able to penetrate the hair follicles and disrupt the growth.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

It works best on people with dark hair and not recommended for those with light hair colour because the laser light targets the pigment in the hair follicle.

RevLite laser can treat all skin colours- even dark skin unlike other traditional lasers.

Its featured advanced PTP setting harness extra power for effective results for treatment of dark, fine vellus hair on the jawline and upper lip.

Why do I need multiple treatments for hair removal?

Each hair follicle goes through 3 stages: growth, rest and hair loss. These phases repeat in a cycle that varies according to your own body chemistry.

Lasers are most effective on hair follicles during the growth phase. Because a third of your hair is in the growth phase at any time, you will require several treatments to obtain maximum results.

Will the hair grow back?

Eventually some hair will grow back but much thinner and finer. Occasional touch-up treatments are recommended. 

How does RevLite remove tattoo?

The introduction of RevLite laser that uses PhotoAcoustic energy is the current gold standard laser for tattoo removal. It has greatly improved the process by safely penetrating the skin to target the tattoo ink. Revlite laser represents the most advanced laser for removal of black and multi- coloured tattoos.

The light energy emitted shatters the tattoo ink into micro particles that is eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processs. With the energy delivering at a very precise beam, the tattoo can be traced without damaging the surrounding skin.

How many laser treatments are needed to remove a tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal requires several sessions. The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo, the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink on the skin. The location of the tattoo will also affect the clearance rate. 

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

Unlike most lasers, RevLite advanced settings with four wavelengths can target most multi- coloured tattoos.

Dark and red inks will resolve the best. Oranges and purple will usually fade as well. Green, sky blue, and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove. Additional treatments are needed to produce significant fading.

What does the laser therapy feels like?

The PhotoAcoustic energy of RevLite laser emits light in very fast, short pulses. Many people describe this non- ablative laser therapy as a tingling sensation. Anesthesia is usually not necessary but you may request for topical cream if you wish.

What can I expect after the treatments?

Skin rejuvenation

The Revlite system is so gentle that there is no recovery time associated with the procedure, and most individuals return to their regular routines right after treatment. There may be some temporary redness immediately following the procedure that resolves within a few hours to a day after the procedure. You will see initial results of your treatment immediately following the procedure, and these results will continue to improve during the following weeks as new collagen is formed and skin becomes firmer and more refreshed looking.

Hair removal

After laser hair removal, your hair may turn white. This will fall out naturally two to three days later or you can remove it with a razor. Your skin may be slightly red for a short period of time.

Tattoo removal

After the first treatment, you will notice a temporary whitening of the treated area. Over time, the tattoo will fade and the skin returns to its normal colour. Lasers will generally eliminate about 95% of the tattoo.                

Is the procedure safe?

When used by experienced practitioners, lasers are extremely safe. The energy is very selective and targets only the collagen fibers, hair or pigment. Advanced lasers that use PTP energy can treat all skin colours safely- including darker and tanned skin.